Thursday, April 28, 2016

I dreamed a dream

Last night I was dreaming that I was at Walmart. I was talking to a teenage boy who then proceeded to shoplift in front of me. A cop yelled and the boy ran off. Then the cop stopped me and gave me a very intimate pat down. I think we were dating after he went to first base with his patdown. It is like seriously, buy me dinner first, sheesh. Anyway, then I am sitting in an office with the cop and a lady cop who is reading a magazine. A song comes on the radio and I ask who the singer is. The two cops look at me like I am insane and the lady cop says, "You don't know Bael?" And then I say,  " Oh, yeah. Isn't he that one singer from Norway, Sweden or Denmark?" A Scandinavian corner of the globe. With the power of Google, I discovered that Baal or Bael is the name of a demon. There is a Bael fruit. There is a character from the Song of Ice and Fire named Bael the Bard. There is a dwarven base in World of Warcraft called Bael Modan.

Anyway, then I say that I don't listen to music. The cops again look at me like I am insane. I prefer to watch TV or read a book. When I had a car I would listen to music on the radio. But now I don't listen to anything. I find it distracting. My mother also didn't like to listen to music because she found it distracting. No soundtrack of my life playing. No background music. My 11 year old son though, loves music. He watches music videos on YouTube. He constantly has ear buds in as if they are growing out of his head. He is always singing. The only time I hear music is when I am watching TV and I recognize the song my son had been singing. And I say, "Hey, you know this song. I've heard you sing it."

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