Monday, October 3, 2016

B4B Omega 3 Pure Fish Oil

These fish oil capsule are seriously huge. I have joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis and fish oil helps and eases the pain. Also fish oil helps strengthen the immune system. I like that, as we move into cold and flu season. There is apparently a debate about burpless and effective fish oil. Basically you want pure, fresh and potent fish oil to get the best results. I haven't really noticed the difference. I like the smaller pills and these are really big. 4 stars.

Purity. You don't want your fish oil to contain heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, or mercury. You don't want your fish oil to contain PCBs, dioxins, or furans. At least the first time you buy a brand, you want to know how the maker of the product ascertained that their fish oil meets the best international standards for purity.
Potency. You want the most DHA and EPA essential fatty acids you can get in every capsule. There are two reasons for this. One is that you don't want to have to take a handful of fish oil capsules two or three times a day just to get the dosage of DHA + EPA you need for health. The other is that the more essential fatty acids there are in each capsule, the less room there is for the "marine liquids" that in some brands can cause stomach upset and fishy breath.
Freshness. You want a product that has not been degraded by light, heat, or bacterial contamination. If there is antioxidant added to the fish oil, such as vitamin E, you want it working in your body, not breaking down to protect the fish oil from contamination.
Formulation. I'll explain in greater detail why the "triglyceride" form of fish oil is generally superior to the "ester" form of fish oil. I'll also explain why some ingredients added to fish oil make nutritional sense, and others are put in the product just to make it easier to protect a patent, that is, they are in the product for the company's lawyers, not for your well being.
Additional nutrients. Certain kinds of fish contain nutrients that other kinds of fish oil do not. Certain brands of fish oil contain added nutrients that other brands do not.
Conservation. Finally, I'll explain which brands of fish oil are derived from sustainable sources, and which likely are not.

QUALITY: Produced by elite manufacturing process: CO2 extraction. (Far superior to distillation processing.) Purity matters. A lot.
PROVEN: Studies show omega-3 fishoil supplements are perfect products for immune system support, brain and heart health, rheumatoid arthritis, joint treatment, and more.
Contains 590 mg DHA 910 mg EPA total 2140 mg. Wild caught. Sustainably Sourced. Not Farmed.


"I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review." 

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