Sunday, October 2, 2016

Set of Two Curly Hair Products Royal Locks

This leaked everywhere in the package. It was not sealed well at all. The two cans were wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a box but the plastic over the pump top was ripped and the oil is everywhere! It smells really good though.

After I posted my dissatisfaction on the seller feedback on amazon, the seller sent this message in response to my grumblings:

I was so sorry to see your products didn't arrive in tact. We have double bubble wrapped them and I was surprised to see that! In any case, please let me know if you would allow me to send out a new set directly from our warehouse, so that you can just toss the rest. I am a one woman company, so I really appreciate when people let me know if Amazon is mishandling my products,or they are damaged in the shipping process. 
Both products have great feedback alone, so I know you'll love them (once you can actually use them!). 

Gina, Royal Locks Hair Care 

This was excellent customer service and I appreciate it so much, her prompt response and offer. I replied and said that yes, I would like another set. The double bubble wrap she mentioned was there on the bottle but the plastic wrapped around the pump top was torn so that the product had leaked in the bubble wrap and also in the box so that when I unwrapped the bubble wrap, the product was everywhere.

Anyway, I have naturally curly hair and this product really helped tame my out of control hair. I really like the product and I was really impressed by this company's customer service. This is a great product for curly hair. It doesn't give me that sticky feeling. I rub a tiny bit of the curl cream into my hair after my shower and it works great. 5 stars.

About the Product

Activate, Hold, and Nourish Curls with Our Two Most Popular products for Curls sold together in a set. Professional Grade large sizes for your convenience.
Curly Hair Defining Spray by Royal Locks. Define, Refresh & Moisturize Your Curls With No Build Up. Argan Oil Infused, UV & Thermal Protection Curl Enhancing Spray for Styling & On the Go Touch Ups. Smells great too!
Dream Cream Ultra Curl Cream by Royal Locks. 12.8 oz Curly Hair Product with Moroccan Argan Oil for Conditioning & Anti Frizz + Super Hold Defining and Styling Ingredients for All Curl Types. Fresh smelling too.
Whether you are using gels, creams, sprays, serums, mousse or all, you'll love the look and ease of use Royal Locks gives your curls and waves.


"I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review." 

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