Thursday, August 18, 2016

AYL 4-in-1 TC80 LED Flashlight review


This is a really neat little flashlight. It is small and lightweight but it has lots of nifty uses. The flashlight can be expanded for a wider, lantern light. There is an emergency flashing red light function. There is a magnet for hands free use. It fits well in my hand, light enough to carry in a pants pocket. It works well for home use, camping or putting in the glove box of a car. It takes 4 AAA batteries which are unfortunately not included. It is a great item to include in an emergency kit. 4 stars

Product Description

AYL TC80 4-in-1 LED Flashlight CREE - Tactical Emergency Nightlight with Telescoping Body and Magnetized Base - Water Resistant Spotlight for Work, Auto, Camping, Garage, Emergency - Battery Powered VERSATILE 4-in-1 TELESCOPING BODY - Lightweight and compact

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