Thursday, August 11, 2016

Easy@Home Digital Oral Basal Thermometer review

The average range of BBTs is between 97.0-97.7 before ovulation and 97.7-99.0 after ovulation. Ideally, a woman's temperature will not bounce around more than .5 degrees in the follicular phase and will stay above the coverline during the luteal phase.

I like the freedom that comes with being able to chart your cycle. There is a certain power with knowing what days are best for conception and then you can make the choice whether to avoid those days or not. This is a powerful method for women who are trying to get pregnant as well as for the women who choose not to. Fertility charts work if you follow the rules if you chart the BBT, basal body temperature and CM, cervical mucus religiously. It has worked for me. This thermometer makes it easier to chart your BBT. It does everything for you. It keeps the temps in its me memory. Its alarm alerts you that it is time to take your temp, beeps to let you know its done and then saves the temp so you don't even have to roll over and write the temp down. You can come back to it later and write it down on your chart. This product even comes with a chart to get you started. So make some copies and you're set. Using this thermometer is so much easier than using the regular oral  thermometer that I used before. I love this product. It is amazing what technology can do to increase convenience. 5 stars.

 "I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review." 

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