Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dual Action Facial Cleanser Gel

I like this facial cleanser. It doesn't really smell like anything and it makes my face feel really clean. It is really watery and pours really fast so that I've wasted a lot when I wasn't expecting for it to spill everywhere. It is very gentle and I think that people with sensitive skin would enjoy it. There aren't any harsh and abrasive chemicals. The bottle is big. I can't smell the lavender extract at all. I like that it has so many naturally derived ingredients and that it wasn't tested on animals. I just don't like that it is so runny, I expected it to be more of a solid gel. 3 stars.

2-IN-1 FORMULA: InstaNatural's Dual Action Gel Cleanser removes makeup and thoroughly cleanses away dirt, debris and dulling skin cells, fully cleansing the skin in one quick and easy step, without stripping the skin.
NOURISH AND REPLENISH SKIN: The nourishing vitamins in this face wash provide replenishment to the skin without causing the dryness or safety concerns from other products using harsh sulfates.
GENTLY DISSOVLE EXCESS OILS: Perfect for sensitive skin types that struggle with excess oil production, the gentle surfactants, soothing extracts and Vitamin E in this formula dissolve excess oil without stripping or drying the skin


"I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review." 

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