Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Garden Hose Nozzle - by RY Gardener

This hose nozzle definitely has some heft to it. Looks very tough and that it could stand some wear and tear and exposure to the elements for a long time. 
I like the easy back trigger pull and adjustable settings. The ergonomic grip for the fingers is comfortable plastic but the metal part of the trigger hurts my hand a lot, so it is nice to have the trigger pull because my hand would quickly start hurting. This nozzle is heavy duty and built to last. 5 stars.

MADE OF 100% HEAVY-DUTY METAL - This heavy-duty garden hose nozzle features a durable metal body and trigger. To protect it against rust and corrosion, it is covered with high-quality PVC. Designed to endure tough tasks!
ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS - This product is designed with a control knob so you can customize its flow. You can choose from the high-pressure jet stream of a power washer nozzle to the gentle cascade of a shower spray. Perfect for every watering need!
EASY BACK TRIGGER PULL - One of the common causes of hand fatigue is having to pull an unyielding trigger. This product offers an easy trigger pull so you don't have to tire out your hands during prolonged use!
ERGONOMIC HANDLE FOR COMFORTABLE GRIP - With its slip-resistant and soft rubber cover, this is a pleasure to use. Ideal for gardening or washing cars!


"I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review." 

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