Monday, September 5, 2016

Dave's support Tennis Elbow strip for Pain Relief

It took me a few tries to figure how to position and adjust this. The tubuler insert thing is interesting. I guess this is what makes it different from the simple strap like the one my doctor gave me. It does seem to help a lot with the pain in my elbow. 4 stars


The tennis golfer elbow strap gets the protection and support your needs, without worrying about a bad fit. This comfortable compression fit with an adjustable closure that will keep everything firm without being too tight. Simply wrap around just below your elbow and position the tabular insert on the muscle and fasten with hook and loop Velcro closure.

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Excellent pain relief
Soft and supremely comfortable
Reduction in recovery time
Made from premium materials
Long lasting / hard wearing
Targeted pressure
Freely breathable
Custom compression and fit
Excellent aesthetics
Improved comfort
Enhanced life

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