Sunday, September 4, 2016

Easy@Home Digital Oral Thermometer-EMT-026

The thermometer beeps and lights up when it is ready. It comes with a low battery so that has to be replaced right away. It would have been better if it came with a replacement battery. The reading display is really big so it felt very awkward in my mouth. I like that the tip is waterproof so that it can be rinsed off after use. The flexible tip is a good feature also. 3 stars. 


"I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review." 

I always run hot. My son runs cold, his temp was 97.0

Doesn't it look huge stuck in my mouth like that?

  • ✔ Fast Reading: In as quick as 10-20 seconds, this Easy@Home EMT-026 Digital Backlit Display Fast Thermometer measures and shows your highly ACCURATE oral temperature. This thermometer can be used for rectal or armpit measurements too. ** Our Guarantee- We are so confident that you will love this product that we offer a 1 years Hassle Free PRODUCT REPLACEMENT Guarantee. **
  • ✔ CLINICALLY High Accuracy: ±0.2ºF in range of 95.9 F-107.6 F. Measures Body Temperature to 1/10th of a degree precision (e.g. 97.1 F) in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • ✔ 3-Color Backlit Large LCD display to indicate temperature range for easy to read. Memorize the last 10 temperature measurements
  • ✔ FLEXIBLE TIP and WATERPROOF design: Easy and safe to use and clean. One button operation.
  • ✔ Fever Alarm and measuring completion alert, Automatic self-test. Auto shut-off and low battery indicator

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