Monday, September 5, 2016

ORGANIC Matcha Powder (Minister's Morning)

I don't drink my ceremonial grade Matcha whisked into water. I take a small amount and mix it into my other green tea. My favorite is jasmine green tea. I only use a small amount. It is pretty potent. I like the little tin this Matcha came in. I think it tastes really good and is good for you, whether you prepare in traditional or nontraditional ways. 5 stars.

Ceremonial grade matcha are made to be whisked with hot water and enjoyed. They are used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. This type of matcha produces a delicate green tea flavor and you are supposed to drink it plain. Ceremonial grade matcha should be very fine and powdery to the touch and a vibrant spring green in color.

Culinary grade matcha is designed to be mixed into other ingredients like into a smoothie. It is more bitter and astringent than the ceremonial grade teas. 


The Shizuoka tea is originated from Shizuoka region which is well known tea producing prefecture that produces various type of tea. 
Shizuoka is located in Japan which is famous and largest tea plantation area for tea production and especially renowned for its warmer average climate.

The climate condition is the perfect for growing Shizuoka tea. 
In the area of Shizuoka there are miles after miles of tea estate and Shizuoka tea fields available, some places are covered by greenish amazing environment which is from tea leaves by two leaves and one bud.

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